The documents required for the delivery of the tape to the audience and vocational

1. The name of the director of the educational institution graduates of the 9th grade of these samples attached to the application (the application is signed by the student’s parents);
2. The certificate of 9th grade graduates of secondary schools (in areas of culture and arts for pupils of elementary art and music education also provides a copy of the original document) ;
3. Medical information (086 / U);
4. The student residence;
5. photo (3×4 or 4×6 size 6);
6. Presence of a birth certificate or passport copy of the handbook, a copy of the parent’s passport (in order to determine the citizenship status);
7. Letter of Guarantee (the training of students with foreign citizenship on a contract basis);
8. republican subject Olympiads, contests and competitions documents;
9. vocational education, and the results of psychological and pedagogical diagnosis of secondary special and vocational education institutions, training areas of recommendation;
10. The Republic of Uzbekistan for the disabled graduates of specialized vocational colleges for persons with disabilities to the list of professions and occupations medical advisory committees of the Ministry of Health in accordance with the findings and recommendations of National Education of the Republic of Karakalpakstan Ministry, regions and Tashkent city departments of education at the medical-psychological-pedagogical commission’s report and recommendation, along with the labor and social security departments of the district (city) to promote employment and social protection of population centers in the ticket;
11. Failure by the graduates of previous years with the next phase (10,11-class, academic or vocational colleges), secondary school report, the next phase of his local education failure whose dependents;
12. Advisory centers studying the documents submitted by a counterfeit detection, the student acts in accordance with established procedures of law enforcement authorities.
13. In the list are required to provide documents and other documents prohibited.