Festival of traditional textile “ATLAS BAYRAMI”


The 2nd edition of the Festival of Traditional Textile “Atlas Bayrami” (“Celebrating Atlas”) will be held in Margilan from 6 to 10 September, 2016. It is organized by the Government of the Ferghana region and the Municipality of Margilan City in close cooperation with Margilan Crafts Development Centre, UNESCO Office in Tashkent, National Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan for UNESCO, Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, “Khunarmand” Crafts Association of Uzbekistan, DVV International Branch Office in Uzbekistan, National Company “Uzbektourism” and the Association of Cooks of Uzbekistan.

The festival’s aims of the safeguarding of traditions, improvement of well-being of the communities and promotion of the region’s rich cultural heritage have drawn in other partners who have expressed their readiness to collaborate in the organisation of the festival. Embassy of Latvia and several other diplomatic missions will display their contemporary and traditional textile art at the exhibition in the Museum of History of Margilan City. Providers of mobile network and communication in Uzbekistan, Ucell, will contribute to the growth of mastery and promotion of young talents, by giving their support to the festival. Law firm COUNCIL will offer legal trainings to the participants of master-classes. The festival brings together leading textile craftspeople and designers of Uzbekistan, craftspeople in other fields of applied arts of Uzbekistan, art historians, art managers, experts in the field of traditional crafts, stakeholders and sponsors, local authorities and wide public.

The festival also aims at promoting the importance of safeguarding and reviving the traditional crafts, creating favourable conditions for the development of quality craftsmanship and the use of handicrafts to create income-generating opportunities, especially for women. Organizers are planning to hold the second edition of the festival more spectacular and celebrate the beauty and rich diversity of traditional and contemporary textile in Uzbekistan, which has received an important social and economic impulse for development during the years of independence.

Considering the success of the first edition, the second edition of the festival will have a wider programme, starting with practical training sessions for young masters on traditional embroidery, natural dyeing and fashion design using traditional textile, as well as marketing and communication training from 6–8 September 2016. On 9 and 10 September following activities will take place:

  • Round Table “Uzbek Textile and Sustainable Development” (Margilan Crafts Development Centre);
  • Exhibition of traditional textile and ethno fashion design of Uzbekistan “Under the Margilan sky” (Margilan Crafts Development Centre);
  • Exhibition “World textile: the East and the West” (Margilan City History Museum);
  • Exhibition of Latvian tapestry artist Iveta Vecenāne (Margilan History City Museum);
  • Crafts fair of applied arts “Crafts village” (Margilan city park);
  • Fashion show of Uzbek designers and Ms Bibi Russell, UNESCO’s Artist for Peace (Margilan city park);

Folk festivities, including traditional art of with “Askia”, traditional fighting “Kurash”, rope-walking performance, puppet-show; traditional musical and folklore performances, exhibition of childrens’ drawings, crafts fair “Crafts village”, the plov contest “Dev-zira” (Margilan city park).