Officials responsible for the provision of information

IFO Position E-Mail Phone
Professional colleges and academic lyceums, to formulate a plan for management of
1 Umarov Mirjamol Head of department (+99871) 246-27-61
Secondary special and vocational education institutions to provide employment to graduates of department
2 Abdukhalil Rahmonov Head of department (+99871) 246-38-35
3 fame Chorshanbiev chief specialist
Spiritual and moral education and sports department
4 father Head of the Department (+99871) 246-18-40
And directions to merge the Department of Education to improve education standards
5 Thank Rustamov The deputy head (+99871) 246-11-42
And the introduction of advanced technologies to improve the educational process
6 round Xudayberdiev Head of department (+99871) 246-17-29
The creation of a new generation of textbooks and manuals and organizing department
7 fellow Head of the Department (+99871) 246-14-87
The introduction of information technology in the educational process
8 winner Djalilov Head of the Department (+99871) 246-10-91
Manager selection and training of teachers and their work
9 J. Tursagatov Head of department (+99871) 246-11-54
Secondary special and professional educational institutions, equipment repair and reconstruction of the Department of
10 Azamat Ergashev Head of department (+99871) 246-11-97
Promotion of Investments and International Cooperation
11 Sherzod Karimov Head of the Department (+99871) 246-10-85
Finance, accounting and reporting department
12 Mamarahim eastern Head of the Department (+99871) 246-11-52
Chief legal adviser
13 Umidjon Avezov lawyer (+99871) 246-11-78
Mobilization of the general staff
14 Sa’dullo Kurbanov chief specialist (+99871) 246-11-53
Affairs Department
15 Anwar Jonuzoqov Head of department (+99871) 246-10-91
technical staff
16 Rena Ilyosova She reference (+99871) 246-11-09