The main components of e-government

The activities of their citizens, government agencies, commercial entities and other government agencies, taking into account the inputs, the e-government system can be divided into three components:

Government to Citizens G2C (government and citizens): the relationship between state institutions and citizens, where government services are fast and easy to use. These services include references, licenses and permits, as the life of a person on the legal registration of important events. This is part of the citizens via the Internet, particularly in working with the government database through the creation of a single government portal for all kinds of public services provided. Through this portal citizens a convenient and intuitive way to learn about the activities of the government, as well as to express their views and comments of civil and public duties.

Government to Business – G2B (government to business): the relationship between government and business, agreement to speed up the process to go through and eliminate the need for the use of paper documents to collect the necessary information and allows you to accelerate the process of processing. Ultimately, the government trade organization for establishing forms of cooperation with service providers to present their methods and means. Technology, open and transparent public procurement system for optimum performance is reduced due to the use of government spending.

Government to Government – G2G (state): the relationship between the public authorities, using modern technology to improve the relationship between internal and external government agencies, and to allow them to carry out joint activities and their activities reconstruction assistance, as well as providing a dispersed form an integral service. To avoid delays in the production, which in turn reduce the cost and increase the motivation of the workforce and to improve the effectiveness, as well as through the use of the method is widely used and tested and will lead to the construction of internal business processes. This is the basis of the activities of the government of the criteria, combining all the agencies of the state government and consists of a network of citizens and organizations operating in the territory of the country as part of a database containing information about all government information, including government information the base is formed.

E-government in each of the three components of creating and implementing role. G2C failed to prevent or G2Bni G2G system may amend result, the time and the tools leads to inefficient spending, and cause chaos and weaken the idea of e-government. Therefore, all aspects of e-government development and implementation of program development and implementation of an evolutionary step-by-step implementation is very important.