Xalqaro mehnat tashkilotining O‘zbekiston Respublikasi tomonidan ratifikatsiya qilingan konvensiyalari

  1. Forced labor(29-convention)
  2. A forty-hour work week (47-convention)
  3. On paid leave(52-convention)
  4. On the application of the principles of the right to collective bargaining and to organize and hands(98-convention)
  5. Equal pay for equal work for men and women and the importance of the 1951 Convention(100-convention)
  6. On maternity protection (103-convention)
  7. Elimination of forced labor (105-convention)
  8. Labor and employment discrimination on the (111-convention)
  9. Employment policy (122-convention)
  10. Worker representatives on(135-convention)
  11. The minimum age(138-convention)
  12. Collective bargaining and go on (154-convention)
  13. On the worst forms of child labor (182-convention)
  14. International Labour Organization conventions ratified by the Republic of Uzbekistan(Ratified conventions)To combat the use of child and forced labor conventions of the International Labor Organization, the national regulatory and legal validity of the documents, as well as gender equality (Gender validity of equality )