Preschool education

Preschool is part of the continuous education in primary education. He was a healthy child and developed to ensure the formation of a person, the desire to read, the system will be prepared to teach. Children 6-7 years of preschool education, government and non-school educational institutions and the family. The goal of the preschool education of children in school is to prepare the child to a healthy, growing, independent entity formation, and the ability to open, read, and systematically nurture the passion for education.

The protection of life and health of children in preschool education preschool education institutions and the state’s medical staff, as well as pre-school educational institution attached to the public health carried out by the medical staff.

The protection of life and health of children in preschool education institutions to establish procedures and rules, to take to bring the children of pre-school educational institution and the rules concerning the organization of pre-school education institution building security requirements, pre-school education the establishment of facilities for fire safety requirements, requirements for security in the region, “the protection of life and health of children in pre-school educational institutions of the Regulations on the order of” regulated.

Pre-school education system

Pre-school educational institutions – educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan in various areas of pre-school education programs in the period. Pre-school educational institutions of children aged 2 to 7 years of education, training, supervision, care and health education.

The procedure for the establishment of pre-school educational institution, the activities of the organization and gathering, as well as pre-school education establishment’s property and money, responsibility, and the necessary information about the participants of the educational process, “Oh Regulations on state preschool educational institution in the Republic of Uzbekistan “olishinigiz.

The modern system of preschool educational institutions

Pre-school educational institutions, in accordance with the direction of the activities are divided into the following types:

  • The elderly, the children’s nursery kindergarten, kindergarten, kindergarten in the home (as an independent agency or branch).
  • Pre-school and primary education mussasasi (nursery school).
  • The students in one or several directions (language, art aesthetic, sports, etc.) trained pre-school educational institutions.
  • Training in physical and mental development strict qualification to improve the recovery of the children’s playground.
  • Medical hygiene, prevention and health promotion, and carrying out the measures and procedures to control and rehabilitation of children with kindergarten.
  • Integrated type of kindergarten (combined type of kindergarten development, recovery and health groups in the generalized form).

The procedure for pre-school educational institution, and the duration of the state of children in pre-school education quality and standards, requirements, regulations, preschool education institutions and parents in the contracts, as well as by the founders.

Special pre-school educational institutions for children with disabilities, will have to manage the state’s local education authority and organized by the health authorities, mental health teaching in accordance with the opinion of the Commission.

The procedure for the creation of a special pre-school educational institution, the property and money, a special education preschool educational institution and the recovery process, the participants of the educational process and a special school ta` information about the management of the educational institution “Special Regulations state preschool educational institution”.

The main objectives of the preschool educational institutions

Pre-school education, the forms and methods qat`iy, we have set the following objectives:

  • Children’s school is purposeful and systematic training;
  • The development of personal skills and talent of the children;
  • Children get acquainted with the national and universal cultural values, and intellectual development of the child;
  • Formation and development of children with high moral and ethical behavior;
  • Children’s physical and mental health.

Pre-school education in the implementation of the objectives and tasks of social and charitable organizations, communities, and take an active part in international funds.

Of pre-school education in the official language of the Karakalpak, Russian, Tajik, Kyrgyz, Kazakh and Turkmen languages.

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