Art of Four Smears

Mo‘yqalamning yengil raqsi

Exhibition of traditional Japanese watercolors Sumi-e entitled “Light brush dance” opened in the International caravanserai of culture of Uzbekistan’s Arts Academy.

It was noted opening the exhibition, cooperation between Uzbekistan and Japan consistently developing in all areas, in particular in the field of culture and art, an important legal basis of which are the agreements, reached during the meetings of the heads of the two states.

Cooperation between the two countries in the field of culture and art developing in the spirit of Joint statement on friendship, strategic partnership and cooperation signed in 2002. Various cultural events are being organized within this interaction: exhibitions, biennales, theatre and movie premiere. One of them is the exhibition of traditional Japanese watercolor and Sumi-e painting open in Tashkent for the first time.

Sumi-e is Japanese ink wash painting, at the same time, which is a separate philosophy and way of meditation. It is also called the art of strokes and lines, as a technique of creating Sumi-e is based only on four smears. A swab should be perfect, which requires constant practice and honing of skills.

The exhibition exposes about 50 paintings. The visitors can get acquainted with such art works like “Dolls Festival”, “White Camellia”, “Mount Fuji”, “Stork” which reflect the traditions and customs, the character and lifestyle of the Japanese people.