General Secondary Education

Secondary school education

General secondary education of participants in cultural and social activities in the various sectors of the national economy fundamentals necessary for systematic knowledge, skills and training to equip special education (vocational, technical medium, high), which creates an opportunity.

General secondary education system

Uzbekistan is compulsory, free of charge, there is a period of 9 years of general secondary education, primary school (grades 1-4 school) and high school (grades 5-9 school) education.

Primary education, secondary education, knowledge and skills needed to get, aimed at laying the foundations of literacy. The first class for children ages 6-7.

Elementary education is compulsory, free and universal. This is the total of all children of school age, or special (for children with disabilities and developmental delays) primary school. Primary school enrollment is 100% of the eligible children. Completion of the primary school child, reading, writing and computational skills. Reader elements of theoretical thinking, the ability to self-taught absorb. Language, the culture, the basics of personal hygiene, healthy life style and social behavior. Educational quality and content of primary school, can vary according to the type of school and teaching conditions.

All first grade students are provided with free books and educational supplies. Since 1996, low-income families at the expense of the state budget every year in the 1-9 grade students school supplies, and a set of winter clothes. Primary and secondary education is organized according to the structure and directly related to one another. Each secondary school in both stages of secondary education. This is a full accounting of primary school leavers and continuity in secondary education.

General secondary education provides the necessary knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, organizational skills and experience, and the initial orientation and the choice of the next stage of education.

General secondary education is a logical continuation of the quality content and teaching methods are different. General secondary education determines the social aptitudes, interests and abilities, provides the formation of his party. Knowledge in basic sciences at secondary school students. Education in the process of formation of a broad and creative thinking skills. The rich spiritual and cultural heritage through the introduction to arouse a sense of caring for the world around them. High school students opportunities for self-study school subjects rating. Compulsory part of secondary education, and additional components.

The optional component is determined by the state educational standards and the minimum level of training. Guaranteed by the success of his secondary education institutions. This component of the state and social order, based on the interests and needs.

Additional component to the school’s needs and the ability of the material and technical training and Improve the level of social and economic development of the territory, based on the requirements. The volume of additional teaching is distributed in accordance with standards established by the Ministry of Education. School Educational Affairs, approved by the Ministry of Education, the basic curriculum and general education through training programs.

Educational Sciences, the list of educational programs, training time, basic education and general education plan with the state educational standards.

General secondary education, and the final certification of graduates. Graduates of the state sample, and reached much success certificate with honors.

Independent public education programs, approved by the Ministry of Education in accordance with the Regulations on External external right to be certified.

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