The younger generation of professional pedagogik- psychological bases on directing

Secondary vocational education provides training and re-training institute “Psychology and spirituality” kafyedrasida scientific tyexnika program 2012-2013, the years 2013-2014 research program, ITD-1 . “The spiritual, moral and cultural development of society, moral values, national idea, the cultural history of the Uzbek people, myeros state and the continuity and continuity of education, the study of the discipline of the young generation,” the project is being carried out. Project “Young generation of vocational pyedagogik- directing the psychological principles” called at the same time is determined by the relevance of the education system.

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov “On the training of qualified teachers and specialized secondary and vocational education institutions to further improve the system of personnel measures,” dated May 28, 2012, 1761 taking into account the experience of the resolution of foreign professional colleges for the development of new ryejalari and programs, the success and effectiveness of the education sector activities, professional training, professional approach to performing the duties of ownership provided.

Thus, “national training program” one of the main objectives of the vocational training system set “looks at the world with new eyes, a new way of thinking, enterprising enough knowledge, boosting builder poydyevorini great future Byers meet the modern requirements, competitive, in a word, is to prepare qualified personnel. of qualified personnel is one of the main factors in making this a conscious youth, professional process is considered on the basis of interest.

In this regard, the government is now performed by a number of kyelinmoqda, June 7, 2010, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan as an example of the “9th grade graduates in academic lisyeylar and secondary schools to ensure the coverage of vocational training kollyejlarida the further improvement of the regulatory framework is developed in accordance with Resolution 109. 9th grade graduates of secondary schools of general secondary education, vocational education institutions and developed a procedure for authorization of the Charter 9 secondary schools class graduates (the graduates) and their parents (or persons substituting them) in selected areas and specialties of secondary vocational education institutions of learning and the determination of the order of the problem, as reflected in the

Therefore, educational institutions, students, young people with professional training and education, professional information, professional counseling, professional training through their skills, interests on the basis of intelligent adaptation and implementation of vocational guidance kyelmog’imiz important role. The first continuous adaptation to the reform of vocational education and continuous noted. The young generation is one of the factors of work-based educational and psychological approach, it is about the world of professions students a sufficient level of knowledge and interests, and directing the process of selection of options on the basis of independent professional. At the same time, first of all educational institutions and educators working in the processes of psycho-pedagogical approach to the personality of the students sufficient knowledge, skills, skills to the personality of the reader with the purpose to empower and give advice on the adaptation of vocational skills requires them to be.